The trend of duotones and neons have up until recently mainly been used in photoshop. Pantone caught onto this trend in their choice of 2018's colour of the year. I chose to examine this further using studio lighting and colour gels on the lights to get more control over the final look.

Marco Du Plessis, from Twenty Model Management, was the lucky guinea pig to try out this technique and I think the result was even better than my expectations.

It was my first time working with Juliana of Aliart Makeup and it is always inspiring to work with people who are as passionate about the concept as I am.


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Each time I do studio, I am amazed at how one can manipulate the entire mood of the scene by changing the position of the lights. I then shot some portraits to show off the skill of the makeup artist by playing with some moody side lighting and the standard beauty lighting from the front.