11 April was the annual World Parkinson's Disease Day and to raise awareness, the University of Stellenbosch's Parkinson's Genetics Research Group decided to host a cycling competition. 

After speaking with Dr William Haylett, who specializes in finding the genetic links to the disease, I was surprised to learn that research has shown that cycling improves the symptoms of Parkinson's patients. As a person who knows very little on the subject, I think this is great news for people suffering and seeking relief. With that in mind, the team, lead by Prof Soraya Bardien, collaborated with the campus gymnasium to give passerby's each 5 minutes to see how many kilometers they can finish, to get on the leaderboard.

The turnout was good and I am glad to have been there to help spread the good work that scientists are doing to help others in any way they can.

Peddle for Parkinsons_0301666.jpg