Since many of you may have noticed, I have changed the title on my website homepage and facebook page to reflect the changes to my portfolio. Its been such a natural progression from my product photography to designing layouts that I think it has gone by without me noticing how much it has grown. But don't fear, I am still very much focused on photography.

I've been doing photography at the agency for some years and my photos have always been to destined to be used in print and web design.

When shooting with this end use in mind, the visual communication elements are the same, so the move was a natural progression.

The work has been varied, ranging from logos and business cards, to annual reports, flyers and digital website banners.  Luckily, while working on my own website for so long, I've gone through trial and error regarding digital platforms. Now, as always, the trick is applying some of those designs I do for clients to my own brand. For most of my inspiration I like to see what others are doing on Behance, Pinterest, or Design Inspiration.

Veld & Flora Magazine
Website and social media banner for the Graduate School of Business
MIR Primer Report PRIMER Front.jpg

Graphic design is one of those things that if done right, is unnoticed. Bad design screams at you. I've always applied this approach in my photography. There is such simple elegance in minimalism, which I'm aiming for in my designs as well.  Have a look at my new Graphic Design section to see some of what I've done so far.