The past week was the highlight of my career so far. Five photographers and I exhibited a selection of our fine art work at the Side Street Studios in Woodstock in the gallery which is aptly named "Let there be light". In keeping with the name, we decided to hang lights throughout the space as well as moving some artwork away from the walls. The idea was to create a sense of walking though an installation art piece, allowing the physical display to add to the visitors venturing through the series.

I titled my collection:

Under the Rug

This collection is an alternative self-portrait. It examines the photographer’s place in his immediate surroundings and greater society as an Afrikaner gay white male. The series explores introversion and individuality, and deals with finding one’s place in the world and highlighting metaphysical barriers.


The portraiture of turned-away faces creates a sense of detached voyeurism within the viewer. Questions about religion and sexuality are weaved throughout the various styles of photography.

On closer inspection, subtle object placement within vast open spaces hints at the common theme. It is perhaps in this solitude that contentment and ultimately acceptance can be attained.


Then as a stand alone image, I added in something I shot for a fashion client, but ended up loving so much on its own. I called this Ifutha, which refers to the white paint that is used in African rituals to cover people's faces. The white paint symbolizes a connection to the ancestors, and in this image the portrait shows a woman holding the garment up like a shield, hiding behind it like one would a mask, but proud and strong.

New Folder1
New Folder

Photography of the event was done by MacX.N Photography.