Film photography is one of the things that I always found to tedious and I generally prefer the control of digital. Regardless, last Saturday I got up early to take some photos at Sea Point as the sun rises. My focus was on the parks & architecture but I wanted to explore the area with my back to the ocean for a change.

I just love how the busiest places can be so peaceful at dawn's golden hour, the perfect time to shoot. Anyone wanting to explore uninterrupted would be amazed at the beauty once the clutter of the crowds have gone.

The animation below shows the camera I used, a Mamiya RB67 Medium Format Camera with a 90mm lens, which works with 120mm film.


The film roll holds about 10 frames max, so you have to make each one be the perfect shot. This kind of professionalism is something we can all aspire to in our digital work. The B/W film was developed and the negatives were scanned to allow minor editing in Photoshop for scratches, or dark tones.

001e 002e

The 35mm film camera I used last year was a pain to get used to, but after seeing how fun the experience was with the bigger camera, I was inspired to buy some film and will be taking it with me on various trips. The idea is to snap the kodak moments I find over a longer time.